• Project Title:Empathy: Industrial Design Week - Empathy: Sensor Awkening
  • Organizer :The Administrative Committee of Xiongan New Area、Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province
  • Venue:Xiongan New Area, Hebei Province, China
  • Artists:TSENG Wei-Hao、TAO Ya-Lun、YAO Chung-Han、YU Shin-Fu、Liam Morgan


To give our visitors a deeper understanding of such technology-design integration, Empathy is adopted as the underlying theme that runs through this elaborately organized exhibition. Comprising three sub-thematic areas (i.e. Unknown World, Technological Symbiosis Experience, and Urban Image Exploration), this enthralling art event features manifold forms of work, ranging from virtual reality, multimedia and sound art to interactive, kinetic and spatial installation. Bringing a profound sense of spatio-temporal dislocation, these exhibits masterfully immerse the viewers in a psychedelic world interlaced by the real and the virtual. By virtue of the interplay among reality, virtuality and related concepts, this exhibition is dedicated to investigating how people — after they gained new corporeal and perceptual experiences in an era when technology and design have become part of their quotidian existence — can envisage the future and reflect on the merits of introducing technology and design into their social life. The technological symbiosis and creative potential of industrial design materials manifest themselves in this exhibition that adds extra dimensions to our audio-visual experiences, and the visitors are enabled to probe into the products of industrial design that embody rich humanistic heritage and future trends in technological advancement.